Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have continuing care available if it is needed?

Although Sycamore Glen is not licensed to provide medical services, we have partnered with several companies to provide affordable in-home care as needed.

Do we have a full kitchen or a kitchenette?

Our Kitchenettes consist of a stove-top burner, refrigerator, counter top and cupboards.

Do we provide transportation and where do we go?

Yes, we provide transportation within the Chico area for those who would like to use it. We ask that our residents schedule doctors appointments or shopping trips according to the following transportation schedule:

Mon: 9 am-12 pm Chico North and 1 pm-4 pm Chico South

Tues: 9 am-11:15 am Chico North and 1 pm Chico South

Wed: 9 am-11:30 am Chico North and No Service to Chico South

Thurs: No service to Chico North and 9 am-11:30 am Chico South

May I make suggestions for the activities calendar?

If there are certain things you enjoy doing that are not on the Sycamore Glen calendar, the Social Director would love to hear your ideas and suggestions.

I would like to have my family members attend some of the activities that are scheduled. Is it possible to include them?

Absolutely! You may always contact the Social Director to make arrangements to include your loved ones.

What are some specific things you do off-site?

We attend the ballet, casino, museums, special events held at Chico State University, the symphony, and much more!